Sunday, April 25, 2010

Saturday's loot was fantastic.
It definitely took the edge off when I found out that my credit card was stolen Friday night after buying a burger.

A sweet acrylic painting on canvas. That little white spot is a place where the paint chipped off, but I think it looks like a ghostly character.

A vintage bowling bag to make up for the last one that I decided not to buy. I'm glad I waited, this one is so much better.

The wooden spoon I've been looking for in a great wooden salad serving set.
(I make these lists of things I hope to find at the thrift store, and I usually find it them so long as its within reason)

A geometric bowl. That pattern is too great.


  1. i'm in love with the wooden spoons and the bowl. you find the best things!!!

  2. hello! you have been tagged :) check out my latest post for details! x


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