Saturday, May 22, 2010

Another thrifting manifestation! I went in looking for some old maps today and searched diligently in the large frames area and found nothing, so I gave up and browsed other sections for a while. When I was about done, I did one last walk around and found a pair of rolled up school room style maps on a cart that had just been wheeled out. One was unopened, and I was unsure what it even looked like, but I took a leap and bought it along with the United States map. It ended up being a world map, and it is so pretty that I put it above our couch in the living room. That wall space has been begging for some decoration for some time now, and I'm really loving the colors.


  1. You ALWAYS find the most amazing and lovely little things whilst thrifting! My local thrift shops are terrible, unless your in the market for a ceramic goat.

  2. My thrift shops are full of bad things too. You just have to go often and be willing to spend time in dirty junk. Sometimes i don't find anything, I just don't write about that. ;)


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