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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I'll be honest- I am not feeling very writer-ey right now. It is sweltering- both inside and out, and my way of coping in the evenings has been to drink hot tea to acclimate. Is this insane and counter-productive?  Perhaps. But in a strange way, it makes me feel better. Sort of like a Bikram Yoga "Melt into the pain" philosophy that gives the illusion of self control.

Anyway... in other hot news, we're moving.

Last Friday, after work, Trent met me downtown where we walked through a gorgeous two bedroom apartment on Main Street.

I'd been scanning the classifieds off and on for a month, but nothing special had jumped out at me, and actually had the opposite effect of making me extremely aware of what an amazing place we have. It's worth noting too, that the more time you spend on Craigslist, the more contempt you have for posters. I have a system now that excludes anything with exclamation points, all capitals, and anything above a polite demand to call them quickly.

Located in a charming 1920's building, with neighboring parking garage, abundant natural light, and gorgeous hardwood floors, this place is a dream come true.

Our primary focus was more space. Specifically an office space for Trent to begin expanding his website, and white space for me to set up shop as well.

Did I mention our new place is three blocks from my work? Oh, and it has a bathtub. BAM.

We are both so ready for the change. To say that we've outgrown our tiny, one bedroom in Sugarhouse is an understatement.

We're going in next week to sign the lease, and then I suppose we can begin the monumental task of packing.

I can feel hives creeping on already.

P.S. The pictures above are from Pure Green Magazine, an amazing publication that I subscribe to. I've gotten two issues so far and they're amazing. I highly reccommend buying the latest copy, and, if nothing else, I suggest you check out their blog. It is chock full of inspiration and great writing.


  1. Congrats!! That will be so fun to live in the heart of downtown. We're in the process of finding a new place as well and it has been such a gruesome process. We're attempting to buy a house and the market is rough right now. Maybe well just say to hell with it and rent downtown. Sounds like a dream.

    1. Allyssa, thank you! I feel you- we looked on and off all year long, to be honest, and would always get discouraged and give up for a little while or else the timing would be off... It's hard. We are very excited though. Thanks again, and good hunting to you as well!

  2. How exciting! I'm obviously super-behind on blog reading, but I can't wait to see the new space. And your address will be on Main Street? HOW AMERICANLY CUTE IS THAT?!

    I'm way too excited.

    Also, WERD on the Craigslist grammar cringing. We have a forum here online for ex-pats to discuss how to get along in Finland and general learning-to-live in a strange land issues, and MAN can I not stand superfluous exclamation points, smileys, the use of "hey guys", etc etc. HA! We're such purists.

    (Says the gal who just used three exclamation points above...AND AN INTERROBANG. SNORT.)


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