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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Lately on Instagram

So much has happened in such a small amount of time. For a few weeks there, I felt uncomfortable, tired, over-worked, and generally pretty miserable, if we're being honest.

Moving is hard work, and despite nearly a month's worth of weekends, our new place is anything but settled.

I wanted to pop in and focus on a few going-ons in my life aside from the move from August.

Top Row:

1. A visit to this years' Craft Lake City, where I visited the booth of Malinda Fisher of Desert Rose. She has some beautiful jewelry designs that will leave you with thoughts of wide open road and desert sunsets.
2. From my daily morning walks to work in the morning- the most beautiful rose gardens set against the sidewalks. They smell as beautiful as they look.
3. A snapshot of our apartment on our move-in day. If you are following me on Instagram, I am fond of showing off corners of our apartment as we continue the long process of decorating and making it home.

Bottom Row:

4. Amazing leather goods from craftswoman Danielle DeLucia. She also has an online Etsy shop where she sells other beautiful leather goodies.
5. Spook, in his usual position on the floor, always getting underfoot.
6. A toasted bri and apple sandwich from Carlucci's Bakery, one of my favorite sandwich and pastry shops here in Salt Lake. They never disappoint.

There are quite a few changes going on aside from the apartment right now that is making it difficult to focus, and as a result, I'm feeling very distant. I'd love to eventually get back into a routine online, and in the meantime, please connect with  me on Instagram. It's my favorite way to stay in touch with people.


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