The End of Summer

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Lately on Instagram Aug- Sep 13

Top Row:

1. The weather is so beautiful in September. I can smell fall coming in the crisp breezes, and mornings are foggy with from rain storms. I'm looking forward to activities like Oktoberfest, farmers markets, tall boots, leaves on the sidewalks, and warm foods.
2. A new pair of shoes to bring in the new season. These are Oxfords made by Nine West.
3. A pregnant pause at a gas station on our way to see my Dad one Sunday afternoon.

Bottom Row:

4. I've been making some pretty radical changes to my diet the last month or so. More fresh fruits, vegetables, less bread, sugar, and pretty much no dairy. It's been difficult, but I'm finding myself cooking more often and making more conscious food choices.
5. One of the many, many neighborhood cats in our apartment complex. This one is Tanuki, and he's by far the most brazen.
5. Beauty in simple things. I'm finding myself drawn to soft greys, pinks and peaches right now.


  1. That cat is adorable, I love coming across neighborhood cats :) x


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